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About BMX.Co.NZ


BMX.Co.NZ was created as an online platform for the New Zealand BMX Freestyle community in 1999 by Phillip Judd.  It was a platform where BMXer's throughout New Zealand were able to purchase well known and proven BMX brands, as well as keeping up to date with the latest BMX trends, events and getting solid advise about all things BMX.  

In it's early days, BMX.Co.NZ was part of the Hedgehog Bikes umbrella and was operated out of Hedgehog Bikes Takapuna.  

In 2012 BMX.Co.NZ moved into its' own little store along with Hedgehog Urban in Kingsland and not long after that it relocated to Hedgehog Bikes Onehunga.

Over the years we have met so many people and families who have a great appreciation and love for the BMX sport. 

From the young lads who enjoy restoring old school BMX's to the many families who enjoy spending family time at their local BMX race track.  And with this we have learnt that BMXing is not just for those who enjoy ripping it up at the skatepark or doing a tail whip off a kerb, it's a sport that no matter what your skill level is or how old you are, it's a sport for everyone! 

Understanding that BMX is for everyone, we have expanded our BMX range to cater for all BMX lovers, regardless whether you're into Old School, Mid School, Freestyle or Race BMX, we have it and we're all about BMX.

BMX.Co.NZ is the largest online BMX store in New Zealand.  Run by riders for riders, and is today owned and operated by Pete Gallagher.

Pete has been riding a BMX since he was 3 years old.  He raced BMX up until he was 11 when he was converted to BMX Freestyle after watching the movie RAD, and from there, Freestyle has been his number one passion.  Over the years Pete has ran many BMX events with his good and long time friend Steve McHardy.  Pete has worked in several bicycle stores within Auckland and has also owned and operated his own retail store.  With this Pete brings a great deal of knowledge, experience and know-how in the BMX and cycling industry. 

So if you need help with your BMX or have a question you're not sure of, reach out to Pete, he's happy to help.


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Keen on a custom BMX or Wheel Build? 

Send Pete an email and let Pete help you build that custom BMX or Wheel you've always dreamed of.

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