About bmx.co.nz

bmx.co.nz  is a BMX website set up to serve NZ's BMX community.  

We cover all things BMX from BMX Freestyle to BMX Race and also Old School Retro BMX.  Online we like to stock the latest products from some of the world's best and well known brands.  At bmx.co.nz  we like to think of our fellow Kiwi BMX'ers and stock what they want and really enjoy using on their BMX's, but also we ensure that our prices are competitive and are affordable.

bmx.co.nz  is managed by Pete who is a mad BMX'er himself and has been in the BMX scene for more than 30 years.  With Pete's expertise, experience and the willingness to help and support fellow Kiwi BMX'ers, Pete deals directly with the owners of such brands as Kink Bike Co., United, Odessy, Sunday and Rival Race. Along with this Pete also ensures that the site is always up to date and has the latest products and innovations.

If you have any product inquiries, feel free to contact Pete either by phone (09) 622 0803 or via email info@radcycles.co.nz.