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I have a passion for BMX and giving new life to an old school BMX or custom building a dream BMX for a client adds to my passion, watching the smile on my clients face when they see their revived or custom built BMX, it's a nice feeling.  

Since 2013 I've been more hands on with custom builds.  Putting my touch on new builds or sharing what I know with restoring and reviving an old BMX beauty is what I do.  From Old School to New & Mid School BMX's, Race & Freestyle BMX's I enjoy working on them all!  And let's not forget the custom Wheel Builds... from colour matching of spokes & nipples to deciding whether a 2 cross or 4 cross lacing is suitable for a particular hub is again, what I do. 

I work closely with my clients and with every custom build, and before I start on any work, all custom builds and restorations starts with a conversation. 

Our conversation consists of sharing and understanding what the BMX or wheel would mean to my client and how I can help.  Our conversation includes finding out the story behind the build, and for some, it's a dream BMX they've always wanted with high end parts that as a teenager they were never able to afford... For some it's a tribute BMX for a family member who had passed away... And for others it's a BMX that's been stored away for many years or found on the side of the road and needs a bit of TLC.

Once I understand what my client is after and I have all the parts, the custom build begins.  Build times vary, as some parts may be sent off to get powder coated, and my good friend Tim from Pro Coat helps me out there, so if you need anything powder coated, hit Tim up.  Halfway through a build, my clients are updated on the progress with photos and where I'm at, during this time, feedback and recommendations are shared.  At the end of the build, it's reveal and collection time, (my favourtie part) watching the smile on my clients face, or tears in their eyes because they're so excited!

Check out my lastest and favourite builds over the years.  And if you have a dream build you've always wanted done, or an old beauty tucked away that needs restoring and reviving, let's have a conversation and let me help you make that dream come true.  Email me on

All custom builds, restorations, reveals and collections are completed at Rad Garage NZ.

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Custom BMX Builds

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