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Hutch Bmx

2015 Trick Star Street frame and fork. Everything you know and love about Hutch styling, with all technology and geometry updated for today's street/park scene. 4130 chromoly throughout, with a chrome-plated finish. Sold as a matched set of frame + forks. The Trick Star street version does not have the standing platform on the frame or removable brake mounts on the forks. The street forks are made from a slightly heavier gauge chromoly and post-weld heat-treated to provide the extra strength that this riding style requires. Also includes the "lawsuit"/gold-plated-T­S sticker set to set itself apart from all others.

Forks include an M25 x 1.5 internally-threaded steer tube that is compatible with both star nuts and CNC-machined aluminum compression bolts. The Hutch Headset includes a star nut, or you can purchase a Hutch aluminum compression bolt that is designed to work with the Hutch stem. Either method will work, but the Hutch stem and compression bolt is the ultimate setup. The western-H freestyle stem will be available February/March 2015.

Trick Star Street specs:

21" top tube

75 degree head tube

13.875" chain stay

9.25" standover height

11.3" BB height

4mm dropouts

removable 990 mounts on frame (included)

removable cable guides (included)

removable gyro tabs (included)

1" (25.4mm) seat post size

Integrated headset

Mid bottom bracket

14mm drop out slots on frame

3/8" drop out slots on fork

designed for micro gearing only (not 44-16)



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