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S & M - L.A.M.F. (JB) Frame

Jason “Timmy” Ball is about as S&M as it gets. The Colorado-raised racer turned dirt jumper showed up on the Sheep Hills scene in ’94 and never left. From Team Rider to Shipping Manager to Shop Manager – Balls has been holding it down for S&M in a big way for 30+ years. Second only to Moeller in tenure at The Building and embodying the ride ’em on Sunday, build ’em on Monday ethos better than anyone – it seemed fitting that our favorite punk rock, shop boss should put his signature steed into production. You can’t put your arms around a memory, but you can wrap ’em around a L.A.M.F. frame.

Top Tube Lengths - 21″, 21.25″,21.5″
Rear End Length - 14″
Head Tube Angle - 74.5°
Standover Height - 9″
B.B. Height - 11.8″
Seat Tube Angle - 71°
Head Tube - Integrated Campy Style
B.B. Style - Mid
Brake Mounts - Welded Chainstay
Dropouts - 14mm
Seat Post Size - 1″ / 25.4mm
Weight - 2.29 kgs.


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